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From Dim Sum to Mapo Tofu, the popularity of Chinese food in Hobart far surpassed local’s expectations. But what about Xiao Long Bao or the soup dumpling? The dish that is synonymous with the city of Shanghai, where a perfect intertwining of traditional and modern, eastern and western culture collides.

Xiao Long Bao, is traditionally filled with minced pork and has a smooth, tender, translucent dough skin. Crab, seafood, or vegetables are sometimes added to the meat filling for variation, but the best part is always the soup, made with an aspic jelly that naturally melts in the stream. The name Xiao Long Bao, or “little-basket steamed bun” literally tells you how it is cooked.

It wasn’t really a surprise when Shanghai King Bun created its first buzz during the soft opening on Elizabeth St, placed right at the heart of the Hobart city. Led by Shanghai-born and bred Kiki Jiang, the ideas coming out of the kitchen are great-inventive, classic and nostalgic. The team share a vision of “promoting Shanghai culture” on the busiest street of the city, Kiki said. It is probably the only fast-casual Shanghai eatery in Hobart.

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